What do Reviews Say about the Citroen DS4?

The DS4 is the second car in Citroen’s premium DS sub-brand after the DS3. It has been based on the second generation Citroen C4 but with a raised suspension giving the impression of a compact Sports Utility Vehicle and repositioned door handles which aim to give the vehicle a coupe-like outline.
The first car in the DS sub-brand, the DS3, received a positive reception from reviewers, but prior to its release many people were sceptical that the firm could pull of the same trick based on the underwhelming C4. So did they manage it? Here is what the reviews are saying about the Citroen DS4.
Most reviews seem to agree that the driving experience in a DS4 has been significantly improved from the C4 thanks to a retuned suspension and recalibrated steering. If the reviews are to be believed this has succeeded in achieving the firm’s aim to make the car more sporty and exciting to drive. It also offers a smooth drive, and the performance, whilst not being anything special, is perfectly good for the price range and a substantial improvement on the C4.
So the general consensus from various reviews published online by a range of publications seems to suggest the technology, driving experience and performance are a strong point for this vehicle. But the reviews are not so positive about every aspect of this car.
The interior design is one area in which many reviews seem to think that DS4 could have done better. There have been fewer changes in this area, and some reviewers have expressed concern over the quality of the interior, whilst others have simply described it as uninspiring. Many also mention the fact that the rear windows do not open as a significant point against the car.
The external style of the car has had mixed reviews. Citroen certainly seem to have put a lot of effort into redesigning the external styling, but I guess whether or not you think they have succeeded is largely a matter of personal taste.