History of the Citroen DS4
The Citroen DS4 is based on the mainstream C4 car and is the second model in the new premium distinctly-styled DS range. It represents a significant upgrade from used Citroen motor cars.
It features a raised suspension that makes it look like a compact Sport Utility Vehicle with a coupe-like silhouette.
Citroen’s goal was to make the DS4 good looking, versatile and practical within a compact design with dimensions of 4.27 metres long,1.81 metres wide and 1.53 metres tall.
The DS4’s slightly raised stance and taut lines are designed to make it an eye-catching addition to the segment.
The model offers chrome touches to premium cabin materials - such as the leather seats.
There’s a large panoramic windscreen that enhances visibility out of the cabin as well as illuminating the driver-focused cockpit while creating a light and airt environment.
The DS4 combines coupe styling with five-door door practicality and three full-sized rear seats.
The rear doors of the car are accessed via hidden handles that are integrated into the body.
The DS4 also has a 370-litre boot and a host of storage solutions. It comes with a choice of five refined and efficient engines made up of two HDi diesels and three petrol powerplants.
All engines are designed to offer a combination of powerful performance – including a 200hp petrol unit - and environmentally sensitive motoring. An example of this is Citroen’s new e-HDi drivetrains for which lower fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
The styling of the DS4 blended a mix of the most desirable styling references to create the new model.
Reinterpreting cues brought practical and surprising solutions to automotive mobility.
The DS signature on the bonnet is complemented by an LED light signature around
the front fog lights. The LEDs are illuminated both day and night. The car’s profile features a chrome-finished waistline surrounding dark tinted window. There are also muscular wheel arches that go with alloy wheels with the whole package crowned by a tautly drawn roofline and a spoiler.
The lower part of the rear bumper is finished in chrome and there is horizontal detailing on the rear light clusters.
The DS4 offers a driving position that is enveloping with chrome-surround dials focused directly towards the driver’s eye-line. The dashboard uses quality materials for a tactile feel.

The interior is dominated by the large panoramic windscreen that extends backwards into the roofline. It offers up to 45° of upward vision and the panoramic glazed area combines with the car’s slightly raised stance to provide optimized visibility for the driver.